It’s real. Scroll to the very bottom of this article to see the screenshot of the actual email.

We first saw this trending on a Facebook post …

Apparently, Penzeys Spices owner Bill Penzey really hates Republicans and sent out an email featuring a sale called, ‘Republicans Are Racists Weekend.’ We won’t copy and paste the whole email we saw in the post (it’s quite long and he spends a good bit of time babbling about George Floyd and Martin Luther King Jr. and exploiting them to sell spices) but we thought this paragraph was worth sharing.

And I get it. If you are a Republican voter you are now cheesed off. You were promised that there would never be any accountability for your support of the party of open “textbook” racism. Sorry, but for the betterment of all Americans, you included, we’ve decided to end that rule. And I really don’t care what your race is or how many of your friends “happen to be” whatever. None of that excuses you.

If you’re a part of a party that does everything it can to make it harder for Black people to vote, gerrymanders the value of minority votes down into a small fraction of the value of white votes in statehouses and in the US House of Representatives, and are willing to vote for candidates of the party that nominated a man for president who explained why he was launching his campaign by saying: “Mexicans are rapists and murderers,” the Racist label is one you will deservingly wear every day you stand with them. Get used to it, or maybe instead, become a better person. The choice is yours. We will be here rooting for you to Choose Love.

Doesn’t sound like it could possibly be real, right? To be absolutely fair, at this point, we haven’t been able to get a copy of the email (although we’re seeing screenshots) so this could be just another Facebook trolling, however, looking at their timeline on Twitter … it’s not exactly out of character for the company.

See what we mean?

Here are some others:

Seems pretty damn hateful to us, just sayin’.

And sorry to include my own tweet but honestly I couldn’t believe it was real

But …

That’s usually how it goes.

Oh, this was the PS of his email:

P.S. If this email was forwarded to you by a friend, would you please consider signing up for our email list? A business is only as good as its customers. If you believe in vaccines, all the goodness set in motion each time we say Black Lives Matter, and knocking on every door possible before 11.8.22 to turn out every last vote to save our democracy, we would be better off with you on our mailing list. Please come be a part of shaping a world filled with every kind of very kind people. Thanks.

Very kind people.


OUR UPDATED PS: Thanks for sending the original email, it’s real.




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