It’s not Biden’s fault he’s sucking at his job … yeah, that’s it.

If only SCOTUS would just ignore the basic fundamentals of this country and let President Might’ve Pooped His Pants do whatever he wants. The nerve of them making him do things the right way and go through Congress.

These people.

From The New Republic:

The real ruling appears to be this: The Biden administration can only try new solutions to new problems if it runs them through a gerrymandered House and a filibuster-friendly Senate first. All those laws that Congress already spent two centuries writing and updating? They don’t count anymore—or, barring that, there are countless new restrictions and limits to be found in their text. Don’t even try to argue that something like Congress’s half-century mandate for OSHA to provide “safe and healthful working conditions” covers a mere nuisance like Covid-19. Oh, and if you’re going to argue a case in person before the Supreme Court this term, please participate remotely if you test positive. The justices don’t want to be exposed to the virus at work.


Seriously, that’s all we hear when we read that article.


Thank God.

Christina Pushaw with the slam-dunk:

They’d be far happier living in a country without checks and balances, like most people who are angry the court stuck to the Constitution.

Remember when Obama called the Constitution a barrier to the things he wanted to get done?

Even cartoons get it, man.


Oh, wait.



Winner winner chicken dinner.



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