Joe Biden has really really really really really had a horrible week.

Well, technically he’s had a really really really really really horrible first year of his presidency but we digress.

You know it’s bad when even The Daily Beast is calling him out:

From The Daily Beast:

Joe Biden’s mandate was to restore norms and work across the aisle to heal the country’s toxic political culture—in other words, to not be Donald Trump.

This past week demonstrated how he has failed to live up to that promise. In particular, his speech in Atlanta serves as a microcosm for a disappointing year of leadership that has cratered his popularity.

The president compared opponents of changing Senate filibuster rules, in order to pass Democratic voting rights bills, to notorious racists like Bull Connor, George Wallace, and Jefferson Davis. In so doing, Biden is appropriating Trump’s method of otherizing adversaries and casting political opponents as “enemies of the people” and “human scum.”

Appropriate Trump’s method of otherizing adversaries.

Do they REALLY think Trump came up with that? They must’ve missed it when Hillary called half the country ‘deplorables’. And maybe they weren’t paying attention when Obama talked about bitter clingers? Or when he said he’d bring a gun to a knife fight with his adversaries? Biden himself told Black Americans ‘they ain’t black’ if they don’t vote for him. He has said Republicans will put Black Americans ‘back in chains’, not to mention his comments on needing an Indian accent to work at or even go into a 7-11.

He’s been around in politics since God was a boy, the only way they couldn’t have known what a tool he is was to deliberately ignore the reality of Biden.

As Joe would say if he could remember to say it, ‘C’mon man!’

Weird indeed.



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