Welp, it’s official.

More and more people are leaning Republican while fewer and fewer people are leaning Democrat. Honestly, after Biden’s disastrous year, Kamala Harris’ inability to sound like a decent or even real person, and the circus Democrats have turned Congress into, we’re not surprised by this at all.

We are in fact quite pleased though.

Biden dragged his entire party down.

That reads.

Spencer continued:

This is gonna be FUN.

That’s probably why David Frum felt the need to stick his pointy little head into the convo and claim the gain was because Trump left. Imagine being this broken by ONE politician that you are still babbling on about him a year after he’s out of office.

So broken.

David just can’t accept he was WRONG about Biden.

And Trump.

And the chart, apparently, because Spencer dropped him:

So, not Trump.

Womp womp, David.

Truer words about David Frum may have never been spoken.



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