Draaaaag them, Rand.

Maybe we’re totally immature, but we kinda sorta totally love watching a Senator telling Big Tech censors to kiss his a*s.

This is so great.

Yup, CDC had to admit the ridiculous cloth masks they’ve been forcing people (mainly children) to wear for the past nearly TWO FREAKIN’ YEARS do not work. Remember when Rand was censored on YouTube for saying just that?

Yeah, Big Tech sucks.

But you guys knew that.


We need this energy and SO MUCH MORE OF IT.

Because our betters refuse to admit they got it wrong.

And they really really REALLY do not want to give up their power and control. Just look at the sh*tfit they’re throwing in Virginia over Youngkin simply restoring parent’s rights.








And? LOL! Jennifer Rubin’s attempt at lecturing Virginians about ‘getting what they voted for’ with Glenn Youngkin BACKFIRES spectacularly

RUN YOU COWARD! Penn State Prof tries DELETING GROSS tweet calling for masked people to drive drunk through neighborhoods of unmasked children (but we got it)

Well, THIS is interesting: Wajahat Ali TRIPS over old ‘Justice for Aafia’ tweet while screeching about Islamophobia after TX synagogue hostage situation

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