THEY’RE ONTO THE GOP! The filibuster is a plot … and a racist one at that … against Kamala Harris.

Yeah, that’s it.

Look for yourself, we’re not even making this nonsense up.

From The New Republic:

Over the course of many years and many think pieces, the case against the filibuster has been laid out. Typically, critics of the Jim Crow relic invoke various historical facts (some of which have apparently been lost on, or willfully ignored by, certain critical members of the Senate), as well as an array of practical and prudential bases. Onto the pile, however fruitlessly, let us add another: The filibuster is a plot against Vice President Kamala Harris—to take away her constitutional right to vote.

Holy sh*t.


But this part, this is the dumbest:

By a quirk of history, the plot against America is now also a plot against a Black woman’s right to vote. Who says the vice president has nothing to do?



Were Democrats plotting against Mike Pence then?

So dumb.

This is an insult to seven different flavors of stupid everywhere.

We’ll try not to take this personally.



That’s good advice for all of us.

Fair question.



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