You guys know the drill, we typically do not cover randos on Twitter because he/she/it/they could be absolutely anyone HOWEVER, if the tweet in question is just that awesome, awful, ridiculous, or hilarious it is our duty to cover it.

Or something.

Twitchy Duty?

That sounds like a dirty joke.

Anywho … this San Franciscan mother felt the need to tweet about her boosted 15-year-old son being hospitalized with myocarditis, which is awful (prayers up for him). And we would have been right there supporting her if she had left it at that.

But she didn’t.

Take a look:

COVID has proven to pose very little threat to kids and teenagers. smh

And c’mon, why tweet this out?! Is she really so broken with propaganda and political virtue that she thought this was smart? Even after all of these years covering Twitter, we still don’t understand most people.


The mom must have received some pushback because she continued:

We went to her account and these tweets are gone, but we did find this:


So many people are just broken, not so much by the virus itself, but by the propaganda and politicization of the virus. The constant fear-mongering to control the masses has done so much damage, that may never actually be repaired with some people.

No regrets though, right? smh



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