Watching Ted Cruz grill FBI’s Jill Sanborn makes us wonder if he had a plan from the very beginning with all of this. Sure, a lot of people on the Right were angry with him for calling January 6 a terrorist attack but could there have been a method to his madness?

This was pretty damn good.


Who is Ray Epps?

You know, the big tall older man in the very obvious MAGA hat who consistently told people to go to the Capitol and even break in. The guy who has magically disappeared from the FBI’s ‘list.’

Her answer was interesting:

Ok, so are we. That doesn’t mean we know who he is.

So who is he?

Ted took it a step further:

She cannot answer that question.

Why the Hell NOT?!

Something strange is afoot at the Circle FBI, kiddies.

Sure you can, Jill.

You just won’t.

Uh huh.

If the answer was no she could absolutely say that.

But she didn’t.

So …

Interesting take, absolutely.

Because if they want to frame it as a terrorist attack and the feds actually orchestrated it?




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