Anytime Sarah Palin speaks the Left lose their freakin’ minds.

Even NOW.

Like many sane adults, Sarah found AOC’s comments about Republicans who criticize her ‘wanting to date her’ really stupid. Stupider even than what AOC usually says.


Pretty creepy.

Pretty ‘junior-high’.


And she’s spot on about AOC avoiding taking responsibility for her actions. It’s much easier for Sandy to claim people on the right only call her out for being a hypocrite because they want to date her instead of admitting even being triple-vaxxed, she still caught the virus. And considering she’s such a COVID mitigation supporter, that she went maskless and ignored social distancing in a state she is constantly complaining about is pretty damn hypocritical.

The freakout on Twitter has reminded us of the good ol’ days, EL OH EL.

Hurr durr.

Such a deep and meaningful debate point.

That’ll show her.

There was nothing deranged about what Sarah said … Occupy Democrats is projecting. Seriously, everything is BREAKING and retweet and OMG LOOK AT OUR CAPS LOCK WE’RE SO IMPORTANT AND OUTRAGED AND STUFF.

As we said, Sarah may be the one woman in politics who can cause these people to meltdown year after year after year.

Hilarious, ain’t it?



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