It’s like Bill Kristol wants to be wrong or something. Seriously.

He seems to think people are ‘woke’ if they acknowledge Trump didn’t win in 2020. Yeah, that’s not it. We realize he’s trying very very very hard to stay relevant, especially after the schlub endorsed Terry McAuliffe of all people, but this is rather embarrassing.

Maybe some research would have come in handy?

His attempt at being super deep and meaningful is a hot mess.

It feels like that Buscemi meme, ‘How do you do, fellow kids?’

Because that’s Bill’s schitck.

He likes to pretend he’s smarter than everyone else and therefore everyone should listen to him.

Yeah, it’s silly.

All fair questions and none of which Bill will take the time to answer.

Strawman addiction.

That works.


In this case, wear BOTH of them.



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