If these justices were spreading this misinformation on Twitter … they still wouldn’t be suspended.

Because Sotomayor and Breyer are really stretching. Oh, and Kagan too.

But especially Sotomayor.

100K kids in hospitals from COVID, most on ventilators? REALLY JUDGE?! We’re like machines? Bloodborne virus? HUH?!

Someone has spent too much time listening to CNN.


Besides, the health side of this whole argument shouldn’t really be their concern, whether or not these mandates are constitutional should be.

And we all know they’re NOT, so get on with it, SCOTUS.

It does seem like Sotomayor is actually arguing the case and not hearing it.

That’s becoming more and more obvious.

Incredible is NOT the word we had in mind but we can see how it works.

What a hot mess.

We’re going to go with NO.



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