National Review’s Philip Klein wrote an article about how difficult it can be to ‘not comply’ in a blue area. And to his point, this editor lives in Virginia which until recently was very blue and one of the first states to enact ridiculous and draconian mandates, and there were plenty of ‘Karens’ in this area who were more than happy to nag and attack if someone didn’t follow the rules. Which is of course part of being in a blue state.

Until the people who live in that blue state get sick of all that crap and vote for Republicans but we digress (GO VIRGINIA!).

Now, for some reason, Philip’s piece seems to have reminded Bill Kristol about how exhausted and unrewarded he feels for trying to guide his idiotic allies to a better place. If only you peons would stop thinking for yourselves and listen to Bill or something.

Just who TF does this guy think he is?

Bill, dude, you endorsed Terry McAuliffe. Sit DOWN.

Remember when Jennifer Rubin said that endorsement would be a big deal?


Silly, everything that’s wrong with our country is our fault, not Joe’s.


It’s so hard being so much smarter than the unwashed masses.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we’d see Noth Carolina.


Good times.

Which is probably why he REALLY feels unrewarded, but that’s another story.



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