Kamala Harris is telling people close to her the media would be nicer to her if she were a white dude.

She is so very desperate to believe people dislike her because they’re racist and sexist instead of believing she really sucks.

We know there’s a joke there but we’re too tired to make it …

It has nothing to do with Kamala’s sex or color and everything to do with her inability to be a decent vice president. This isn’t difficult.

From Newsmax:

Vice President Kamala Harris has told confidants that news coverage of her would be different if she were a white male, The New York Times reported.

Harris also has told friends that unmanageable issues — e.g. southern border crisis, voting rights — that she has tackled have created difficulties for her, the Times reported Thursday.

“I think it’s no secret that the different things she has been asked to take on are incredibly demanding, not always well understood publicly and take a lot of work as well as a lot of skill,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told the Times.

“You have to do everything except one thing, which is taking credit.”


If anyone knows how to be full of it, that’s Kamala.



And the media would be far harsher.




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