Democrats are OBSESSED with Elon Musk while Elon couldn’t care less about them.

Then again, they’re obsessed with anyone they can’t control who makes a good bit of money but Elon seems like a special thorn in their side.

Elon will pay 11 billion in taxes just this year alone, and that’s still not enough? Any guesses on how little Pramila pays?

We’re going to guess it’s nowhere even NEAR a fraction of what Elon pays, but you know, he should pay his fair share or something:

Good gravy, she really thinks he made that much in one day.

They have so little understanding of how money works and considering they want to pass legislation regarding money that’s a terrifying thing. You’d think if nothing else an elected official would be required to understand the very basics of economics and civics.

Heh, who are we kidding?

Fair share is a talking point to make it sound like Democrats are fighting for the little people when in reality they themselves rarely pay their fair share.

Just sayin’.

Seems a lot of public servants have become very rich ‘serving the public’ for decades on end. Almost as if they knew how to game the very system they claim should work for the poor. All while pointing a finger at corporations and private figures claiming they don’t pay their fair share and THAT’S why their lives are so awful and stuff.

What’s crazy is people seem to buy this crap.


No she can’t.


Notice they never talk about his contributions to combat their other favorite crisis, climate change.

What he said.



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