We knew the teacher’s unions were evil but now we REALLY know.

Oh, and President Biden has empowered them to be evil.

And now we really know that as well.

Case in point:

Gosh, we’ve been talking about WHY the teacher’s unions really kept the schools closed for over a year in some cases and we all knew what was really going on but seeing it like this, and knowing the White House not only allowed it but enabled it as did the CDC? This whole thing was political from the get-go.

And no matter how much Randi Weingarten pretends she wanted the schools open and that she cares about the students, we know that’s a lie.

She and other members of the union care about THE UNION.

Sorry, not sorry.

Collective bargaining.


Note, these same people are keeping children masked in much of the country.

Which is what teacher’s unions DO.

Uh huh.

Yes, but …

They are such aholes.

Serious aholes.

In fact, they are such aholes that other aholes walk by them, stop, and say, ‘Damn, those are some major aholes.’

Disband the teacher’s unions, fund the students, save our schools.



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