We don’t know about YOU guys, but Marc Elias is who we totally look to when we’re concerned about the integrity of elections and voting in this country.




We are so kidding.

Honestly, ever since Terry McAuliffe hired him a few months back we’ve been pointing and laughing at them both, but this tweet about how Republicans are evil for not allowing Democrats to cheat (and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do, don’t buy into the ‘we’re making it easier for all people to vote’ crap) is a doozy, even for him.

Their best hope remains an oppressive government being oppressive.

Sounds sorta un-American to us.

Mollie Hemingway with the one-two:

In other words, the only way they can win in 22 is to cheat.

Sorry, is to make it possible for vote harvesting, push for mail-in ballots, no voter ID, and to keep dead people on the voting records. Did we miss anything?

Marc wasn’t too happy with Mollie’s tweet:

Someone is cranky.

He had to know this wouldn’t end well for him.

Mollie takes NO shiznit. And that’s why we love her.



Why is that?

Because their policies suck, that’s why.

There, we said the quiet part out loud as well.



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