Ummm … what?

Ok, so we know it’s not nice to pick on Joy Reid and how she looks (and normally we wouldn’t) HOWEVER this tweet? C’mon, she was begging to be Twitchied. Not just because of the picture but what she said WITH IT.

‘Stay spicy.’

As we said up there, C’MON!!!

Even Twitchy editors are only human:

There has got to be a cultural appropriation joke here with spicy (especially since she accused Elon Musk of culturally appropriating Black people over the use of Karen) but we just haven’t had enough coffee to quite figure it out yet.


That’s like asking the sun to stop shining.


Well, considering the FBI had to time travel to find them it could take some time.


Not judging.

Hey, that’s fair. Joy is very pro-mask.

Although we’re not sure this person is demanding she put one on for safety.

Oooh, that’s a tough one.



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