It’s hard to believe that not even a month ago, Darrell Brooks drove his SUV through the Waukesha Christmas Parade, wounding dozens and killing six people. Ok, so the only reason it’s hard to believe is that our media and our pals on the Left have been working REALLY hard to ignore the incident.

The driver didn’t fit the right agenda so they moved on.

But you’d think our First Lady Jill Biden could at least say SOMETHING about the children being treated at the Children’s Wisconsin Hospital while she was there pushing the vaccine on our children.


This is really, really poor.

Can you imagine if Melania had done this? Every headline would read, ‘HEARTLESS MELANIA IGNORES CHILDREN FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES AFTER ATTACK’ or some other happy horse crap.


And nothing more than a total photo-opp.

Something like that.

Pretty cold, right?



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