Suppose we should send Eric Swalwell some cookies for all of the job security he keeps giving us with these stupid tweets. It’s almost as if Eric sits around trying to come up with impressively dumb things for us to write about.

Thanks, man.

Like this nugget here:

So if we discriminate and disallow people who have not gotten the vaccine (for whatever reason) from flying that will force them to do it? Not to mention, does Eric realize who the largest group of people who have said no to the COVID shot is? We imagine in his tiny little Chinese-spy-filled mind it’s just a bunch of Trump-supporting rednecks.

Also, we hate to be the bearer of bad news but the shot doesn’t stop transmission, Eric.


Psh, this is an insult to slimebags everywhere.

That. ^

It’s what Democrats do best these days.

Fair question.





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