Man, David Frum has really gone downhill. We joke a lot about Trump breaking people, but when we see nonsense like this from Frum it’s clear the guy was always pretty broken, Trump just made it more visible.

That anyone would not only feel this way personally but think it’s a good idea to write it on Twitter says so much about the current state of our country, and ain’t none of it any good.

It’s the job of politicians to decide when we’re safe enough?


Nobody ever talks about WHY people have chosen not to take the vaccine. Oh, we know, it’s easy (lazy) to pretend it’s political, but in reality, there are people who are just not comfortable taking a shot they feel has been rushed. Not to mention it doesn’t appear to stop people from catching the virus …

Maybe if people like Frum thought about it from that angle?


Notice like others, Frum completely ignores natural immunity.

He also wants us to believe that anyone who has chosen against taking the shot is an anti-vaxxer.

Yeah, his thread sucks, but keep going.

Malignant minority.


And gosh, it’s just a little bit of discrimination guys, what’s the big deal?

This though … this is where it really gets gross:

David thinks hospitals should quietly treat the unvaccinated LAST.

Classy as always.

Sure, people being pissed off at David for his heartless and thoughtless thread are anti-vaxxers and feeling self-pity. This editor, full transparency who is fully vaccinated, took serious issue with this thread. Clearly not an anti-vaxxer … just anti-ahole.


This guy.

Another quote.

We know it’s not polite to make a circular hand motion after reading this tripe but we just thought you should know … we did.

Awww, yes, propaganda.

Way to do, Dumb-Frum.



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