You know things have gone too far and on for too long when even Jill Filipovic is saying enough is enough.

It’s sad it had to come to kids being forced to sit outside in the cold during lunch for more people to wake up to this incredibly damaging overreach from the government, schools, and teacher’s unions but at least everyone is starting to finally figure it out.

Enough is enough.

Unmask the kids, let them eat inside, and together – the steps being taken to protect them are actually hurting them.

Reinforcing fear, isolation, and lack of social skills.


They can’t see one another’s faces even.


Would someone pretty please with sugar on top check to see if Hell has frozen over because Jill and this editor actually agree on something.

Enough with the COVID theater.

What she said.

We can’t believe we just said that.


Time to move along.



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