Ok, so we all know who set Fox News’ Christmas tree on fire (and that he was released WITHOUT BAIL BECAUSE NYC SUCKS), but this joke from Scott Adams about the tree and Jussie Smollett was pretty good.

Although we’re pretty sure two white dudes yelling ‘THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY’ wouldn’t burn down the Fox News Christmas tree BUT then again we all know there weren’t white dudes in red ballcaps just wandering around Chicago yelling that either.

Not bad.

And then, 14 hours later Keith Olbermann noticed the joke and got his britches all bunched up. Not sure why he thought this was a good dunk but here we are.

Keith would be a far happier person if he had that giant stick removed from his backside.

Adams ended the whole back-and-forth with one simple yet perfect tweet.


And he spends a lot of time in his basement pretending he’s still relevant.

Could be.

But also fair.



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