Seems AOC thinks taxpayers should be responsible for her $17k in student loans …

From The Washington Examiner:

Ocasio-Cortez’s $17,000 in student loan debt sounds like a lot, but it probably only involves a monthly student loan payment of $100-$200. It’s hard to know exactly what her payment is without being familiar with the specifics of her loans, but $100-$200/month is a reasonable estimate given that the average graduate owes $28,400 total, which equates to a $297 monthly payment.

And, as previously mentioned, the congresswoman earns almost $175,000 a year! Yet she bizarrely still thinks that working-class taxpayers should have to pay off her bills. What’s even more ironic and tone-deaf is that Ocasio-Cortez goes on in the speech to lament the (supposedly) “false narrative” that “student loan debt is for the privileged.”

She called this “narrative” a “ridiculous assertion” and asked, “Do we really think a billionaire’s child is taking out student loans?”

She never ceases to out-dumb herself.

Christina Pushaw called her out, BIGLY.

Maybe pay off those loans before buying a Tesla, AOC.

Just sayin’.

Pushaw continued:


We’re already paying AOC, should we really have to pay off her student loan debt too?

Don’t think so, Sandy.

What she said.

And life is a lot easier without a buttload of debt YOU CHOSE to take on to attend college.

There ya’ go.

Much better idea than forcing taxpayers to foot the bill.



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