It’s almost as if YouTube really really really REALLY doesn’t want people to hear this song and see this video about Fauci being a ‘Sad Little Man.’

So you KNOW we’re going to do our part and make sure you guys can see it.

Take a look and listen:

All we can say is … wow.

From The Federalist:

YouTube censored a song criticizing Dr. Anthony Fauci and calling him out for his lies about COVID-19, his desire for public attention, and the cruel experiments his agency authorized.

The song titled “Sad Little Man” describes Fauci’s terrible track record on COVID-19 and mocks him for purposefully misleading the American people.

The song doesn’t explicitly mention COVID-19 directly or any specific medical terminology but YouTube demonetized it for “containing medical misinformation.”

“Sorry for any confusion — the video is ineligible for full monetization due to the content (which includes metadata) containing Medical Misinformation. Medical Misinfo is a policy that’s part of Dangerous and Harmful acts. Hope this helps clarify!” @TeamYoutube tweeted last week.


Uh-huh again.

Just a little.

Fauci MUST be a sad little man if they censored a song for saying so.



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