Does someone want to inform Mara Gay that human beings have been passing around viruses for a long long long time and it’s not because they have a right to but because that’s just how viruses work? Even the precious vaccine isn’t stopping the transmission of COVID (da da daaaaa!) so her little snark here doesn’t really hit home like she thought it would.

The pushback was so bad she limited who could reply to her tweet, which just means people started quote-tweeting the snot out of her.

You guys might remember Mara from the time she tried to do math on live television and made a fool out of herself.

Good times.

From The New York Times:

The coronavirus vaccine mandate for private employers in New York City, announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday, pushed the city’s workplace vaccination requirements well beyond those in most of the country, where local mandates are generally limited to the public sector and health care.

“It’s a significantly more sweeping policy than we’ve seen other cities put in place,” said Emily Gee, a senior fellow on health policy at the Center for American Progress.


Quiet you. She has one narrative and one narrative ONLY.

That’s REALLY all anyone wants … to be left alone.

So totally noted.

Inquiring minds wanna know.

Seems like a fair compromise.

We see what he did here.

That. ^

Thank goodness.


Doing our best.


To the BRIM.




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