NYC Council Member Mark Levine seems super PSYCHED about doubling and even tripling down on vaxism in New York City. Hey, we decided it’s time to add an ‘ism’ to people who see the vaccine as some sort of belief system, like our pal Mark here.

And apparently, all of New York City.

Check out what they’ll be doing to ‘keep people safe’:

He likely put Omicron and Delta together because even Fauci is saying the Omicron variant seems pretty mild. Can’t scare people with a mild virus … well, maybe you can in New York City.

Note, the following two tweets are gone now. We’re not entirely sure why Mark deleted these two, both about New York City implementing a mandate for private employers that all workers be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. This is a stronger version of the federal rule that has stalled in court.

There’s a reason it’s stalled.

Wonder if that’s why he deleted the two tweets?

Takes effect on December 27. Just FYI.

Included the story but deleted his own tweets.


They are insane. Yup.

NYC’s new mottos should be, ‘If at first, you don’t succeed, fail and fail again.’



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