Kamala and Pete.

Alrighty then.


From CNN:

A Harris-Buttigieg ticket would showcase two dynamic politicians and represent the breadth and diversity of the Democratic Party, and indeed the whole country, while not veering too far left and alienating key swing voters who Biden won in 2020.

This ticket would be balanced with regards to geography: Harris is unmistakably Californian while Buttigieg is from Indiana, and brings with him a deep understanding of the Midwest.

Harris would be 60 years old on Election Day 2024, while Buttigieg would be 42, so there would be a generational balance there as well. Both nominees represent important Democratic Party constituencies — Harris is an African American and Asian American woman, while Buttigieg is a gay man. This would help mobilize important parts of the Democratic base. However, both politicians are essentially moderates, so it would be hard for the Republican Party to effectively tar them as radicals, socialists, or anything like that — something they would undoubtedly try to do. During, and since, the 2020 election, the right-wing has tried to paint Harris as being on the far left, but that attack never got much traction.

Hell, even Tom Nichols knows this is a stupid idea:



We like how they’re already giving Biden’s job away … talk about having zero confidence in President Silver Alert. Especially how we were just starting to hear that Joe intends to run again in 2024.

But hey, run Kamala and Pete. Go for it.

Accurate AF.



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