They really should change their name from Rage Against the Machine to Rage FOR the Machine.

Remember when they were raging against the government? Even though we’ve known all along they’re a bunch of rich kids who had no problem raging against any establishment … apparently, a young man defending himself against a child rapist and domestic abuser (aka violent criminals) and being found innocent for it is proof our system is racist and broken?

Rittenhouse didn’t kill people for fighting for racial justice, you doorknobs.

Because it WAS self-defense.

Holy Hell.

But racial justice and stuff!




And accurate.



Holy SH*T, she went there! Former Trump admin and filmmaker Amanda Milius DECIMATES David Brooks and all leftist media in LEGENDARY thread

‘WTF is wrong with you?!’ Pedro Pascal DRAGGED for honoring child rapist and domestic abuser (did he even WATCH the Rittenhouse trial?!)

Now, THAT’S a whoopin’! Jim Acosta tries picking a fight with Ted Cruz and gets SERVED a nice, refreshing glass of STFU juice

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