Jennifer Rubin seems like she’s totally PSYCHED that Beto O’Rourke is going to waste a bunch of his time and money only to LOSE in a huge way in Texas. We get it, now that we’ve taken Virginia (mwahahahaha!) they desperately need a big blue win, and nothing would be bigger or bluer than to take Texas.

Luckily, the only people who seem to think Robert Francis has a chance there are usually wrong about most everything.

Like Jenn:

Texans will never, EVER forget Robert Francis is a gun grabber.

And no amount of big-hearted, can-do, self-reliant BS will change that.

Sorry, not sorry.

There is nothing pro-family about supporting abortion.

Nice mental gymnastics here, Jenn.

Remember when she tried to claim Bill Kristol endorsing Terry McAuliffe was a big deal?


Ugh, she’s just so absolutely out of touch.

Still not sure what is extreme about smaller government, more freedom, and lower taxes but whatever she needs to keep telling herself …

C’mon Jenn, don’t mess with Texas.

This is an insult to delusional people everywhere.



But fair.



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