Sounds like there is trouble in Biden-Harris-Ville.

Gosh, you’d think the relationship between the rich old white guy who picked the younger Black woman as his VP for her sex and race would be all rainbows and butterflies. Maybe if Biden actually appointed people who were qualified for their roles instead of which convenient boxes they check off things would be better in his administration.

Then again, it is Joe Biden we’re talking about.

Check out how the Daily Mail is covering the ‘feud’ between Biden and Harris:

Sheesh, and we thought CNN and POLITICO were tough.

‘President’s team say they’ve given up on her already.’



They can’t even get through one.





HA! Ron Klain claims ‘things are a lot better in this country than a year ago’ and the LOOK on Jake Tapper’s face says it ALL (watch)

YEAH, the latest Washington Post Biden/Harris poll is REALLY bad for them BUT it’s SOOO much worse for Democrats in 22 and TEEHEE

Sure, go with THAT! MSNBC blames old white male RACIST truck drivers (who voted for Trump) for supply chain woes and HOOBOY

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