People have a seriously unhealthy obsession with not only hating Kyle Rittenhouse but his mother as well. Ok, we shouldn’t say people, we should say ‘trolls’ because only a nasty, ugly, horrible troll would post their filtered picture next to an unfiltered picture of Kyle’s mom to trash the way she looks.

It all started here (and yes, we had to grab a screenshot because ‘Molly’ deleted her account after Twitter unloaded on her for being a heifer).

Note: Again, we typically do not cover rando-trolls (if we did, that’s all we’d ever write about), but this was horrible enough to deserve a Twitchy, in our humble opinion.

Classy, right?

We imagine watching her son stand trial and become the face of a hate movement he has nothing to do with has probably aged her a bit. Not to mention it’s hardly fair to compare a picture of Ms. Rittenhouse looking her worse to a highly filtered picture of herself.

Luckily, it didn’t go so hot for our friend, Molly.

Yeah, at least it’s fair now.

And wow, with the filter turned on, Ms. Rittenhouse is far lovelier than Molly.

Because all Liberals know how to do is destroy.


Ok, so we can sort of see why she bailed.

And we honestly don’t feel the least bit sorry for her.



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