Gosh, when you sum up the Pfizer vaccine like this you can see why so many Americans are pissed off about the idea of it being ‘mandated’ by the federal government. Granted, even if the shot was some magical elixir that made it possible for human beings to never EVER get sick again, the government would have zero business forcing it on anyone but you already knew that.

Rep. Thomas Massie only needed two tweets to sum the whole, terrible, horrible mess up.

Who could have foreseen such a thing?

Oh, just millions and millions of Americans.

Massie continued:

Emails showed they changed the definition because those evil ‘right-wingers’ were using the definition to prove it isn’t a vaccine.

In other words, Massie just NAILED it.

Yeah, us too.


A corrupt and evil one.

See Joe Biden.



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