Biden did NOT pick the best or the brightest. Seriously.

Who knew the reason bacon has tripled in cost was because of those pesky 5-11-year-olds not getting vaccinated.

Apparently, the first thing we need to do to address inflation is to get everyone vaccinated.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t say it.

Watch, this guy did.

With advisers like this we’re not surprised Biden’s poll numbers keep sinking and sinking and sinking.

Clown show central.

This is an insult to morons everywhere.



WOW: If you thought POLITICO and CNN were brutal about Biden/Harris ‘relationship crisis’ check out Daily Mail’s coverage (screenshot)

HA! Ron Klain claims ‘things are a lot better in this country than a year ago’ and the LOOK on Jake Tapper’s face says it ALL (watch)

YEAH, the latest Washington Post Biden/Harris poll is REALLY bad for them BUT it’s SOOO much worse for Democrats in 22 and TEEHEE

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