As Twitchy readers know, Ted Cruz triggered a very self-conscious Liz Cheney by suggesting her future lies with the Democratic Party. Guess the truth hurts. Granted, Dick’s daughter fired back, but then Adam Kinzinger came in to try with the assist, and yeah … it just got worse for Liz.

Then Eric Swalwell decided to A) make Ted’s point for him that only Democrats really want Liz anymore and B) embarrass TF out of himself by going after Ted’s wife.

Thinking the loser who banged a Chinese spy and farted on national television should just delete this tweet and then his crap account.

Eric. Put the Twitter down, Eric.

Hey, they said kindly.

You’d think Eric would comply.



And now for something COMPLETELY hilarious: John Cleese NUKES woke cancel culture MOB by cancelling HIMSELF (tells ‘woke joke’)

TWOFER! Ted Cruz OWNS both Liz Cheney AND a very cringe Adam Kinzinger in just 1 tweet without breaking a SWEAT and LOL

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