Ted Cruz has figured out where Liz Cheney may land when everything is said and done because let’s be honest, her own Wyoming Republican Party has censured her, she’s likely done in the Equality State. Sadly, Cheney decided her own politics were more important than serving the people who put her in DC, and if you know anything about Wyoming you know they won’t let this go.

This, though, could work for Dick’s daughter:

For some reason, Liz didn’t take kindly to Ted’s honesty about her political future and she fired back:


If you read through the replies to this tweet they only prove Ted right. Roughly 95% of the people cheering her on are Democrats or Never Trumpers (basically Democrats) so perhaps instead of trying to fight it, Liz should just embrace her new party.

The majority of conservatives in the replies agreed with Ted:

And speaking of Democrat love.




Ted, of course, had the last word.

And more honesty from the good senator from Texas.



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