John Cleese has been fighting cancel culture and the woke mob for months (years) now. Perhaps it’s because he knows if Python tried to break into comedy NOW they’d have been censored and canceled faster than they could have said, ‘And now, for something completely different.’

Too many people in this WORLD have completely lost their sense of humor.

Keep in mind, John is FAR from a right-winger. He just knows it’s stupid to cancel people over comedy.

He cancelled himself before they could cancel him.

So take that.


The tyranny of censorship.


And now he’s telling a woke joke …


That joke isn’t in any way, shape, or form funny.

In fact, it reads as more of a story …

Point taken.

And the mob lost their marbles. Again.

Yeah, we know, it would be more newsworthy if they weren’t losing their marbles.

What a bunch of unfunny, sad babies.

Keep swinging, Mr. Cleese.

We’ll keep laughing. Well, those of us without a giant stick stuck up our cranks.



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