We know we shouldn’t be surprised that Chris Cuomo is doing his best to frame Rittenhouse as some crazed, blood-thirsty killer but you’d think someone, somewhere at CNN would suggest he not deliberately edit the footage to try and make his case considering most Americans are watching the case in real-time and know he’s full of it.

But we suppose Fredo is gonna Fredo.

Of course, he failed to mention the testimony was corroborated by other witnesses earlier in the trial. That would have hurt his entire narrative.

Pretty sure we know why.

And wow, imagine trying to make the case the prosecutor, in this case, has done not only a good job but a masterful one?


How does Chris Cuomo still have a job? Oh, that’s right, CNN.

See Jeffrey Toobin.

This is an insult to POSes everywhere.

We shall see.



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