They just don’t know how to deal with the reality of parents pushing back against bad judgements in school districts and in blue states.

Like Virginia.

Surely it was ALL OF ‘DEM DERE RACIST WHITE WOMEN who gave the race to Winsome Sears, right?! Them uneducated WHITE SUPREMACISTS who elected Jason Miyares? Or our favorite, electing Youngkin was some evil PLOT developed by Democrats to prove to Republicans the 2020 election was legit.

Telling you, nobody expected what happened in Virginia, except every pissed-off parent in the state.

So our friends on the Left are of course pulling out the conspiracy theories to debunk what happened instead of learning from it.


‘The goods’.

Judd Legum really went all in.

But wait, there’s more from Judd:

He babbles on and on about this massive network, and then goes after Ian Prior. Note, this editor happens to live in Virginia and knows Ian so this was especially hilarious.



They do not understand how to deal with parents who are organizing and working almost like a PAC of their own. And that tells us all how little they think of parents, to assume their anger is fueled by conspiracy because they’re too stupid to know any better.

And they wonder why they lost last week in Virginia.



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