We’ve been reporting on Terry McAuliffe since he won the primary in June so we are no stranger to how bizarre and outright obnoxious he can behave. That being said, his speech to Latinos in Virginia about how they ‘need to get busy’ making more Latinos is demeaning and freakin’ creepy.

Sort of like Terry himself.

Watch the video and especially listen to how the crowd reacts after he thinks he’s been funny at their expense:

Talk about uncomfortable laughter.

That’s just obnoxious.

The guy campaigning on and pushing abortion telling Latinos to make more babies.

Alrighty then.

Yeah, we’re not seeing a whole lot of ‘Latinos for McAuliffe’ signs in the state of Virginia.

The very least.

Hey Terry, tell us you think Democrats own Latinos without actually saying you think Democrats own Latinos.




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