Wow. We knew NBC would do anything to help Democrats but this is repugnant even for them.

Granted, we should all be shocked that NBC News thought to cover the Loudoun County school’s multi-rape story at all, but they ruined it by claiming the timing of the story breaking is all about Republicans pouncing to help with the Glenn Youngkin campaign.

Forget that this happened in May and the parents in question have been trying to get the story out there SINCE THEN, and the law Northam and Democrats signed last year allowed LCPS to keep the story hidden because REPUBLICANS POUNCE.

They’re such douchebags.

Wait for it.

See what we mean? They turned the horrible story about two young women who were raped because a boy with a skirt was allowed in the girl’s bathroom at two different high schools into a story blaming Youngkin for exploiting it.

Wanna throw up yet?

Disgusting doesn’t even begin to cover it.



Backward a*snuggets.


Luke Rosiak, who actually bothered to break the story, chimed in:


A total set-up.


Sadly, this is all too believable.

And they just keep getting worse.



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