They try and tear Governor Ron DeSantis down because they’re afraid of him. Period. The end.

If he runs for president in 2024 they know he can and will win.

Sorry, not sorry.

Right now, Florida has America’s lowest COVID rate.

With no mandates. With no lockdowns.

Just pushing through like everyone else should have from the beginning. Not to mention nearly half of the job growth in September came directly from Florida. Whether journalists want to accept it or not, DeSantis is doing something right.

We’d say something snarky here but we’ll just let PoliMath rip him up.

His thread is far better than anything we could come up with anyway.

What a stupid game and you’re stupid for inventing it!


He continued:

Yeah, we do know.

Journalists are their own worst enemy anymore, no matter how much Brian Stelter tries to convince everyone it’s the GOP’s fault nobody trusts them.

We absolutely support this request.


When all that matters is agenda and narrative, all they really have is a moving target.



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