A school board PRESIDENT saying this to and about a concerned parent. Unreal.

From Fox News:

… a mom accused one board member of criticizing parents for voicing their legitimate concerns and drew applause when she said, “We are vocal because we are our children’s biggest advocates.”

Her comment apparently did not sit well with Marlys Davidson, the board’s president, who was picked up on a hot mic saying, “F— you,” during the applause.

Classy, right?


From Fox News again:

KTLA reported that Davidson issued an apology and said the public must be “heard with respect.”

“I reaffirm my commitment to serve our community with dignity and integrity, and I hope they will accept my sincere apology,” she said. She did not immediately respond to an after-hours email from Fox News.

Pretty sure an apology shouldn’t cut it.

School board members need a reminder that they work FOR THE PARENTS as well as the teachers and students, and if and when they do something parents disagree with it is literally their job to listen. Whether they like what the parent has to say or not.


They’d be branded a domestic terrorist and the school board member would be on every local new outlet crying about how hard their job is and how mean and scary and hateful parents are.

This. ^

And so much this. ^