Terry McAuliffe claims parents who are concerned about books that are so graphic they can’t be aired on national television being in their kids’ school libraries is somehow Republicans banning books. Specifically, Glenn Youngkin.

Note, all Glenn really has done is say parents should be informed and have a say about the various books available to their children and should be notified if a teacher intends to teach adult materials so they can opt-out if they disagree. Not banning books.

IWV created an ad to raise awareness about the books in question featuring imagery from said books; the ad was REJECTED from airing ON TELEVISION during the 11 p.m. hour because the imagery was too explicit.

Think about that for a minute.

Too explicit for television but ok for our kids?


Just unreal.

We reached out to Carrie Lukas, who is a total bada*s, and she said, ‘think about what you see on tv … and even the TV stations thought these images were out of line. But somehow the school librarian thought it was a-ok for young teens?’


Note, the below tweets feature images from these books. They are NSFW … which is ironic since Democrats think they are safe for schools.


This is what happens to schools under one-party rule, especially when that one party cares more about pushing identity politics than it does about educating kids.

Vote accordingly, Virginia.



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