Hey everyone, Amanda has been ‘undercover’ as a MAGA (whatever the Hell that is) since the November 2020 Stop the Steal Rally in Washington, D.C. Apparently, she has decided to drop the schtick and come out threatening anyone and everyone she came in contact with …

People really and truly need to get a life.

Oh, we’re sure there will be a bunch of people on the Left who applaud her efforts (so dangerous!) but really what it boils down to is a person looking to further vilify people she never really cared about knowing in the first place.

But hey, she’s proud of herself:

She goes on to talk about her super meaningful work being a raging fascist in the underbelly of the Trump movement but to be quite honest we just couldn’t stomach including the whole thread. Talk about a sanctimonious, self-serving, grift.


Oh, a book.

Because of course.

Always about the money.

And now, she’s fussy because reporters are contacting her family.

She went from, ‘Look at me look at me I was super undercover,’ to this:


She literally opened herself up to all of this and now she’s upset.


Welcome to your consequences.



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