We’d sort of forgotten Touré was even a thing. How kind of him to pop his racist little head out and attempt to smear Condoleeza Rice as a ‘solider for white supremacy’ after she decimated CRT on ‘The View’ earlier this week.

Hey, we get it, Touré really wants to believe all white people are racist and all black people are oppressed and someone like Rice who people really respect calling the whole thing a hot mess is pretty damaging to the narrative, but this was hateful and just plain pathetic.

Condi is literally the descendant of slaves and sharecroppers.

And Touré called her a ‘solider for white supremacy’.

Let that sink in.


Nothing says your argument is worthwhile and can stand on its own merit like calling names.

Sort of like how some people call the right ‘domestic terrorists’ or ‘insurrectionists’.

The horrible words they’ve used to try and hurt those they disagree with keep getting ‘amped’ up because the words start to lose their meaning over time. Like being called a racist, which has truly become the butt of so many jokes.

Sort of like Touré.



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