A bada*s like Governor Ron DeSantis needs a bada*s press secretary like Christina Pushaw. Especially when supposed fact-checkers do everything but fact-check her boss so they can smear and go after him because they see him as a legitimate threat.

Take for example this WaPo fact-checker who reached out to Pushaw to look into claims DeSantis made things up about the DOJ memo threatening to silence parents (who just got fact-REKT on Twitter):

This is hilariously brutal.

‘One would expect the press to hold powerful institutions like the DOJ/FBI accountable …’


C’mon, you’d think a fact-checker would appreciate the receipts, right?

They’re such a-holes.


But DeSantis!

That doesn’t work quite as well as, ‘But Trump,’ BUT it’s close.

Not holding our breath on WaPo fact-checking itself.


We think he had an agenda and a narrative, and he wasn’t about to let the truth get in the way of either one.

We give WaPo FIVE Pinocchios.


Not a great look, WaPo.

Granted, they don’t care (clearly) but still.



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