Gosh, why would Terry McAuliffe run away from a reporter asking him about a very important story in Virginia about a high-school freshman girl who was allegedly raped in the girl’s bathroom by a boy in a skirt which was made possible in part by a law passed by his pal Governor Ralph Northam?

Not to mention the Loudoun prosecutor who went after the girl’s father (seriously, she wanted HIM arrested) was a woman McAuliffe himself endorsed and campaigned for in 2019.

Almost as if he knows this will hurt his crumbling crap campaign further:

Run, Terry, run.

‘I hope you’re vaccinated, young lady.’

How about just answering her question, Terry?

Note, this is not the first time he’s ignored a reporter and told them to get vaccinated.

We like how she told him she IS vaccinated, EL OH EL.

Oh, if Glenn Younking called a woman ‘young lady’ it would be all over everything on Twitter. SEXIST MISOGYNIST YOUNGKIN TALKS DOWN TO FEMALE REPORTER.


Excellent question.



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