Watch Terry McAuliffe nod his head as Doctor Wes Bellamy talks about how much ol’ Terry got done the first time.

And his dig at Glenn for wearing khakis … how old is Terry? Is he going to tell Barack Obama to kiss his a*s again?

Asking for a friend.

So we decided to take a look at Dr. Wes Bellamy’s tweets thinking that surely if he had a history of sending questionable tweets he would have deleted them by now as Terry appointed him to the Virginia Board of Education.

What we found was honestly shocking.

Note, we started grabbing screenshots because as we asked Doctor Bellamy about his tweets he started deleting them.

There are hundreds of tweets like this, we only snagged a few. Honestly, we weren’t sure we should even share them with you, dear reader, as they are pretty hate-filled and obscene.

You’d think someone who sits on the Virginia Board of Education would be more careful about what he tweets.

During a campaign where education is under the magnifying glass, this is not a great look for Terry.

At all.


Ain’t THAT the truth?

Editor’s note: We have learned Bellamy resigned in 2016 because of his tweets. That being said, McAuliffe still appointed him. – sj



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