Resisting taxation is bad? Really? Hrm.

Then we guess this editor is bad because she really really really really really REALLY likes to resist taxation.

It’s almost as if people like Binyamin Appelbaum of the NYT don’t remember why this country was founded in the first place:

Rotten core?

Gosh, Appelbaum sounds jaded.

Maybe a Snickers bar?

J.P. Freier, the Communications Director for the GOP Ways and Means Committee, put together a pretty damn good thread taking this crap article apart.


Simple tax code?

Get out of town!

Sorry, but we’ve been steadily informed by the media and our pals on the Left that the rich aren’t paying their fair share and stuff.

Dems make a lot of mistakes in general but we digress.

Gosh, it sounds like Democrats are trying to protect themselves and their pals.


Favors they owe to special interests … anyone else feel like this has to do with fortifying an election?

*adjusts tinfoil*

Appelbaum is trashing Republicans because that’s the point of his entire piece.

He’s not writing an honest editorial on taxation.

Ding ding ding.

Clearly, Appelbaum only cared about what was convenient for his narrative.


Look fat!

Bartenders. Waitresses. Freelancers.

Not the rich.

Gotta stick to the narrative, silly.

Let’s hope it’s not real.

The whole damn editorial is creepy.

But you knew that.



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