Glenn Youngkin has gone on the offense, and we sorta love it.

Terry McAuliffe has done so much sh*t-talking and lying, it’s good to see someone shut him down. And even better when that someone is the candidate Terry has been lying about from day one. Remember when Terry called people’s concerns about CRT a ‘racist dog whistle’?

Awww yes, that’s right. After Northam was busted for wearing blackface (and possibly a klan robe, he couldn’t remember which), McAuliffe called for ol’ Ralph TO RESIGN.

But he didn’t.

And now he’s running around Virginia campaigning with him like they’re the best of friends.


Oh yeah, that too. Herring admitted he wore blackface.

Nothing like a bunch of rich old white men, two of whom we know wore blackface, pretending to care about people of color in Virginia.

Sit down.

What he said.

And we all know how much Ralphie loves his masks.

Or blackface.

Or Hell, both.



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